This unprecedented event will not be another pep rally or an overpriced “seminar” in Oklahoma with dozens of vanilla speakers who are just there to sell t-shirts and books.

As a prolific Bounty Hunter for many years before starting his own talk show, Stew Peters is the only public figure out there who has been bold enough to hold the real criminals accountable and call out our country’s most heinous enemies by name. Thus in keeping in line with his spirit, this event will be bringing to the BIG stage all of what makes Stew and his network exceptional. The event is called “Extreme Accountability” because it will have an extreme accountability, “Nuremberg” theme throughout the weekend, calling out America’s greatest enemies foreign and domestic, and holding them accountable. Stew will also be teaching attendees tangible strategies empowering them to take meaningful action in their own communities to take our country back. Expect a truly memorable experience that will be powerful and leave everyone inspired to their core!