The Extreme Accountability Event - the most epic event of our generation.

This unprecedented event will not be another pep rally or an overpriced “seminar” in Oklahoma with dozens of vanilla speakers who are just there to sell t-shirts and books.

As a prolific Bounty Hunter for many years before starting his own talk show, Stew Peters is the only public figure out there who has been bold enough to hold the real criminals accountable and call out our country’s most heinous enemies by name. Thus in keeping in line with his spirit, this event will be bringing to the BIG stage all of what makes Stew and his network exceptional. The event is called “Extreme Accountability” because it will have an extreme accountability, “Nuremberg” theme throughout the weekend, calling out America’s greatest enemies foreign and domestic, and holding them accountable. Stew will also be teaching attendees tangible strategies empowering them to take meaningful action in their own communities to take our country back. Expect a truly memorable experience that will be powerful and leave everyone inspired to their core!

The Extreme Accountability Event is a weekend event that will be truly legendary. Stew Peters will be headlining

the event along with a star-studded line-up of the most popular and fearless influencers of the moment — who are brave enough to participate!

The Event will take place over the weekend of October 4th and 5th, beginning Friday afternoon at 2pm and culminating Sunday in Sarasota Florida at the beautiful Sarasota Fairgrounds. Enjoy the weekend in the most beautiful setting amongst thousands of other like-minded, fearless, freedom-loving patriots who are passionate about fighting for the future of this country and holding our criminals accountable!

Guests will enjoy sensational culinary experiences, drinks and speciality cocktails all weekend like “The Retribution,” plenty of live music, morning worship, their favorite based comedians, and the most badass, fearless influencers of our time who are unapologetically unafraid like Stew Peters, King Bau, Chris Sky, Jake Shields, and so many more. Speakers TBD over the next few months)

There will be a red-carpet “Gallows Gala” on Saturday night that will be the highlight of the weekend, and additional VIP Packages that fans can upgrade to if they want to get the most out of their weekend. VIP packages include ALL-ACCESS backstage green room access to an exclusive VIP Lounge all weekend, with catered food and drinks flowing the whole time, and other special events.

You will be surrounded by your favorite people - “The Stew Crew” - all weekend while enjoying spectacular entertainment and bringing extreme accountability to the world’s most corrupt criminals who have wreaked havoc on our lives. Come and be a part of history! This is your opportunity to fight for real justice and accountability, and leave with an action plan to bring it home to your community.

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Give yourself the excuse of having the best time of your life celebrating God, freedom, and your country!